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SERIES TS : Thermal Flow Switch


  • Switch closes with flow
  • No Moving Parts-Operates with or without Liquids Containg Particulate or Debris
  • Flows from 0.5 GPM to 200 GPM
  • 1/2 Inch Male NPT Connection-mounts in Pipe Size From 1/4 to 2 Inches
  • Easy Installation-Mounts in Standard Pipe T up to 2 inches
  • Copact Durable Design-Stainless Steel Construction
  • Simple Fail Safe ON/OFF Solid State Switch -No adjustments
  • Low Cost -Ideal for End Users and O.E.M.


Sure Flow Products, LLC Series TS Thermal Flow Switch is a low cost maintenance free flow switch for critical cooling circuits and systems.The no moving part design incorporates a thermal sensor that detects flow by heat loss. The probe sensor is mounted in contact with the liquid.As liquid passes the heated probe sensor cools proving an immediately switch contact.The sensor continuously samples the temperature of the fluid with no affected by the changing ambient temperatures.Unlike mechanical flow switches that may hang up or stick showing flow when none is present,SFP Series TS Flow Switch will function with or without particulate and debris in the fluid.The compact size is available for use in pipe sizes up to 2 inches and flow from .9 fps.

Technical Data

Type Series TS
Medium Water Based Liquids

Sensor Data

Low Flow Set Point .9 fps (.3 m/s)
Hi Temp Set Point 122'F (56C) or 150 F (70C)
Medium Temperature 4F (-20 C) to + 176 F (8d C)
Response Time S - 10 Seconds
Repeatability <.5%
Hysteresis Approximately 20% of setpoint value
Pressure 150 PSI (10 Bar)

Mechanical Data

Protection Class NEMA6 (IP 67)
Housing Material Stainless Steel 1.4301 (303)
Thread 1/2"-14 NPT (NPT) of G 1/2 A (BSP)
Connection MI2 male socket, with mating connector

Electrical Data

Operating Voltage 18 to 30 V DC
Switching Current 5 200 mA
Power Consumption 4 W max.
Initial Operation After 15 seconds
Electrical Output PNP n.o. (switch closed with flow)

Model Selection:

Example: TS- N-.500 -F-PTB Series: TS = Thermal Flow Switch
Connection Type: N = NPT (male)
B = BSP (male)
Process Connection Size (inches):
.250 = 1/4 .375 = 3/8 .500 = 1/2 .750 = 3/4
1.00 = 1 1.25 = 1-1/4 1.5 = 1-1/2 2.00 = 2

Switch Options: F = Flow (at .9fps) normally open contact
T1 = Temperature at 50C normally closed contact
T2 = Temperature at 70C normally closed contact
Eli = How at .9tpS) normally open contact, Temperature at 122F/50C normally closed contact
FT2 = Flow (at .9fps) normally open contact, Temperature at 1 58F/70C normally closed contact
Optional Pipe T Adaptors: PTB = Brass
PTS = Stainless Steel
Other materials available upon request. Connections are same as process connection type and size.